What Is The Major Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction appears to be one of the most common sexual problems in males. The old belief was that males only had problems with erections as they get older, beyond their 50s or in their 60s. However, this notion appears to be utterly false and has been proven to be a fable nowadays, with a lot of males in their 20s, 30s, or 40s experiencing issues in erecting their penis in a way that is durable and hard enough.

If you’re among the people, regardless of age, have you thought about the reasons why these problems are surfacing?

If not, this article will provide you with an understanding of the specific problems that can cause you to be prone to Erectile dysfunction. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the various reasons a man may be the victim of concerns regarding impotence.

Let’s begin…

What causes erection issues when males are sexually active?

It’s possible that you need to have a daily dose that contains Fildena purple pill for a variety of reasons. Impotence, although it could directly be related to the absence of an erect penis can be in indirect connection with conditions that are shocking enough.

While erection problems can occur in a direct result of the occurrence of a wound or injury to the penis area, instances that report by ED patients are fewer.

The majority of cases of male impotence afflict by back-end issues related to a disorder that is already present.

Doctors and researchers believe that physical limitations, as well as mentally unfit patients with mental disorders, could be susceptible to Erectile dysfunction. This article is focuse on the existing conditions that could cause erectile dysfunction as an added difficulty in you life.

Physical ailments that trigger ED

Let’s first take an examination of the issues that occur physically inside of you which can cause ED problems.

Cardiac disorders

Nearly half of all identified cases of ED for men suffer from an issue with the heart, which is the primary cause of delayed sexual erections. Arrhythmias, cardiac issues valve problems cardiac myopathy, and others can all cause a decrease in the blood flow because of the current issues with the heart. This results in the penis from having enough blood flow that is necessary to get the erectile dysfunction.


Patients with long-term diabetes are more likely to experience Erectile dysfunction due to the extensive damage the high levels of blood sugar cause to the capillary and arterial walls. Sometimes, the capillaries have been damaged to the point of which results in complete blood clots or severely limiting the normal flow of blood through them. This leads to penis erection failure.


Obesity is among the most significant reasons for male patients suffering from ED problems, with the majority of patients aged between 20 and 30. It is your diet and your lack of eating habits that are at fault. Obesity could be due to other factors like stress levels but it is mostly due to your endless craving for food and all the unhealthy food products.

Obese patients are prone to high levels of adipose tissue and fatty tissues, mainly located in the lower belly and abdominal area that significantly influence the circulation of blood into the penis. The inability to have sufficient blood flow typically leads to insufficient penis hardness.

High cholesterol

The presence of high cholesterol is one of the most worrying causes of erectile dysfunction among young men nowadays. High cholesterol indicates the possibility that your blood could become excessively viscous thanks to cholesterol levels that are high. Eventually, blood vessels begin to decrease its normal flow capabilities, making men more at risk of developing an ED problem.

Nerve disorders

Men who have a nervous disorder could be suffering from impotence issues and have to rely on medications like Filagra pink 100 mg to enhance their erection capabilities.

If you suffer from a nerve disorder, your brain will generally be incapable of communicating and sending signaling to the penis in order to improve blood flow to the area, which can be one of the necessary procedures to reach the level of hardness.

Issues with the arterial system

The presence of arterial problems like atherosclerosis may be a cause for ED but this is only one of the rare instances of Erectile Dysfunction found in a few patients.

If you suffer from arterial problems, it could be that penis-area arteries might block or damaged to the point of restricting blood flow. Similar to many other physical problems that we’ve observed above, it’s the inability of blood flow supply to the desired amounts that does not allow you get a powerful and firm protracted erection.

Mental disabilities fuelling impotence

Like physical limitations it is possible to have certain mental problems, too that can trigger an early and severe symptom of impotence.


People who are under stress or already suffer from stress-related disorders will be extremely stressed or under pressure. This results in them not being romantic and achieving sexual desires to be intimate with their loved ones, causing an ED.


Depression is a common cause of the causes of erectile dysfunction that is prevalent in young males. Similar to stress, people who is suffering from depression tend to feel a dislike or absence of sexual thoughts because they’re morally depressed or emotionally affected by any situation that they face in their lives.


A person experiencing anxiety disorders and is experiencing anxiety attacks may be at risk of having Erectile problems. The main cause of Erectile dysfunction is the constant and uncontrolled stream of thoughts that completely hinders your sexual intimacy with your partner.

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